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Hi, I'm Samneet!


I am an experienced graphic designer with a focus on print media, including branding, packaging, editorial layouts, infographics, and posters. I came into design hoping to find a way into architectural design but ended up being intrigued by the capabilities of print media. I have explored different aspects of art and design including; screen-printing, editorial design, typography use and creation, communication, and information design.

Below you will find a visual gallery of the pieces of work to show off my design and creativity skills. I hope they also help show my value in exploring and learning more about different areas of art and design.

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Featured Skills

Skills that I would like to continue working on and improving as I move forward in my career as a graphic designer. These are areas that I plan to continue studying even after graduating design school in order to stay up to date with new techniques and strategies for creating attractive, user-friendly designs.



As a designer I aspire to create custom typefaces to complement projects I am working on or use existing typography to create images and stories within the composition I am working with. As I continue expanding my design knowledge I hope to learn more new techniques to use type to tell stories.



As I started my design studies I became increasingly intrigued by editorial spreads. The way designers are able to create a relationship between text and image, and then carry a solid identity throughout an issue of a magazine amazes me. Creating my own magazine in class helped me learn just how much effort goes into creating these picture perfect spreads.



The use of illustration in design work adds a playful feature. Illustrative text, such as comics, can be enhanced with the use of graphic design. Moving forward I would like to incorporate more of my illustrative skills into my designs. Illustrations can add depth to a composition in a way a photograph or text are unable to!

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Instagram Feed

The gallery below features images from my instagram feed. It includes a compilation of process work, personal projects, and projects done for work. I use instagram to track my progress as a graphic designer, and to learn new techniques from other designers I follow.

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Lets Work Together

Curious about some of the projects I've done or how we can collaborate on an upcoming project? Reach out today!

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