Raula Kamara

Desi Nightclub

Following the creation of my first typeface, Sudara, the next step was to show the font in an application that shows off the features of it best. For my project I chose to create branding for an imaginary Punjabi nightclub in the UK, based around ones that existed around the 80s and 90s. The purpose of this branding project was to showcase the versatility of my typeface through its use in a variety of mediums such as signage, posters, and body text.


Glastonbury Festival

Festival Rebranding

A bilingual rebrand of the Glastonbury festival, in English and Punjabi. This project started off with the creation of the poster on the left. The poster was then to be used as inspiration for a festival booklet design and website. This is a school projects, it is not for profit. The logos used are for educational purposes and are not paid sponsors.

Purple poster for the song Everlong by the Foo Fighters.


Everlong by Foo Fighters

The first step of this branding project involved taking a song I felt a deep connection with, picking lyrics from the song that held the most meaning, and then designing a poster to express this meaning. The poster uses the lyrics "breathe out, so I can breathe you in. Hold you in..." from the song Everlong by the Foo Fighters. The concept of the poster was to play on the idea of breathing being difficult through the thought of loss and heartache. This is expressed with the cardboard and scratched out letters, adding rough elements to emphasize that feeling. The purple colour was used to create the atmosphere of a concert, to express the connection to music and being able to breathe in the music as a method of stress relief.  It explores the depth of personal meaning the song has for me, and my expression of that meaning.


Travel Statistics

From Toronto to Global

An infographic based on the commute times from different neighbourhoods to Toronto's Union Station. The goal of this infographic was to explore the different modes of transport (bike, bus, car) and how in some area's it is more worthwhile to bike than take a car.


What Makes Transit Good?

This project focuses on the quality of public transit around the world. Based off the results of the infographic poster project, which was focused on a single city, I decided to research how transit works in cities around the world. Using data found through various resources I learned which cities had the biggest impact on the development of transit, and which cities are at the top and bottom of the transit ranking list.


The backside of this transit infographic brochure show the ranks of cities across the world according to data found using a report done by a company called Arcadis. Along side the map that shows the ranks there is a checklist for users to asses their own transit systems, based off of the qualities of some of the best transit services around the world. This brochure would ideally be available in various public transit locations for users to pick up and read while on their daily commute.