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Packaging Zine

Designed for LeKAC Sourcing Limited

The zine was an idea I had working at LeKAC as a way to approach a typical business seasonal newsletter, while also creating a space for myself (and the rest of the marketing team) to continue working on editorial design skills. Since the first issue, the zine has proven to be a great way to boost teamwork across the marketing team — it allows the designers to work with the marketing copywriters to turn detailed blog posts into creative spreads.

Spring 2021 - The Ultimate Packaging Zine
Summer 2021 - The Ultimate Packaging Zine
Fall 2021 - The Ultimate Packaging Zine
Winter 2021 - The Ultimate Packaging Zine
Spring 2022 - The Ultimate Packaging Zine
Summer 2022 - The Ultimate Packaging Zine
Fall 2022 - The Ultimate Packaging Zine
Winter 2022 - The Ultimate Packaging Zine
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Travel + Poetry

This magazine was created to emphasize that travel is more than seeing famous tourist attractions. Travelling is adventure and learning, and it provides a sense of release from a busy life. Thus, through the use of poetry accompanied by imagery, the goal was to tell a story of emotion about each featured location in the issue. The colour of this first issue is blue, to capture the feeling of peace and serenity. If there were to be more issues, ideally the colour of the images would change according to the overall emotion being expressed through the chosen destinations in the magazine.

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The Spreads

Visual Collection

This gallery displays each spread in its digital form. When creating the magazine itself I printed these on coloured stock to create a duotone effect. The coloured paper stock, as shown above in the printed and digital mockups, adds a unique curiosity to the final printed magazine!

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Artichoke Magazine

Layout Design

Artichoke Magazine, a student run magazine at York University created by the on campus Winters Free Press. This magazine is primarily digital, with a few issues that get printed to include in frosh kits for new students in arts at the university. As a designer for this magazine my job is to follow the style guide to create spreads using content submitted by student writers. In most cases images are not provided, so it is also my job to find images that beautifully accompany the copy I am assigned. Below you will find all the spreads I have completed to this date with Artichoke, organized from newest to oldest.

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The Hello Book

Hello. The Book of Plants

This short, 16 page booklet was created as an experimental form to showcase a forest and park I walk by almost everyday. I wanted to capture the atmosphere of the fall colours. I used a black cover with the word hello cut out of it, that showed a holographic card stock on the inside. The purpose of this was to foreshadow the vibrant colours that are to come in the coming photos.
Each image set is paired with a poem I found that somehow relates to the image or the way I felt looking at that particular plant. While it is just a short book, it is an idea I hope to explore in the future as a personal project. Perhaps even make into a series of hello books, introducing new and different spaces and concepts with a similar image–poem connection.

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The Magic Hair

Comic / Storybook Design


After reading countless of webcomics online, the idea of using my skills to bring to life a story I came up with myself suddenly seemed possible. A recent work in progress, my goal by the end of the year is to have this comic ready to share publicly. Below you will find the story line and initial concept sketches. One day I hope to be able to create a printed story/comic book!

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In a world of magical beings, imagine being gifted the power to shift your power with the way you feel. The Magic Hair follows the story of a young adult with this kind of power developing, and finding herself unable to control it. Experience the confusion, mystery, and drama of The Magic Hair.

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