Calligraphic Typeface

A typeface created for Gurmukhi characters, the written language of Punjabi. The goal with this typeface design was to create something that adds a unique voice to the language. There is an incredible lack of creative and interesting Punjabi fonts, the only two I have are both simple mono-line designs. Thus the reason I created this hand-lettered typeface. It is incredibly versatile as we will see in the images below.



This font was used to create branding for an imaginary nightclub. The branding project consists of a large variety of mediums that showcase this typeface, including video, posters, t-shirts, and stickers.



Based off Sudara

Still a work in progress, this font was created to accompany the previous one I made. Also hand lettered in a similar style, it is the roman character counterpart to Sudara.



This typeface is also the one I happen to be using for the comic book I am designing, illustrating, and writing. The calligraphic style of the typeface works well with the genre of fantasy and magic I am creating my comic under.